Sunday, 5 February 2012

The End

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has followed this blog and who have contributed with their comments.

Unfortunately, it is time for me to draw it to a close for personal reasons.

Thank you one and all.

I wish yopu all the best for the future.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012


It has been really cold for the last three days. I even ended up working out in a snow shower on Tuesday morning.

We are both slowly getting better, I think. We are going away for a night in a hotel on Saturday so that will be nice, it is MT's birthday treat for me. The hotel visits often end up being a little painful for me.MT usually gives me a special treat before we check out.........and it is always painful.

The change of scene will be nice, as will some time on our own together.

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Love me tender

My nipples are still sore from yesterday, I think they are internally bruised.I still feel stuffed from yesterdays meal MT cooked me....and of course 'stuffed' in the other sense.

Today was more low key, but, I was permitted to make love to MT and in the missionary position for a change....I am sure she only did to ensure my nipples rubbed up against her.

Friday, 27 January 2012

Birthday boy

Well I am 56 years old today, amazing how time flies.Strangely, I still feel like a teenager inside, must be being with MT. She presented me with a card this moring whch reads on the front "Na-Na Nanaa-Na You're Older Than ME-EE!"

MT brought me some lovely presents, including a dastardly pair of evil nipple clamps.

MT took great delight in fitting my presents and demonstrated how they can be tightened, they are so bloody painful and I pleaded for mercy. Of course I didn't get any, but I never expected to. With the clamps firmly in place the rest of the birthday celebrations followed.

First I was fitted with the large njoy. Then  I was then unceremoniously put across MT's knee  for the customary birthday spanking with the hated heavy wooden paddle, one blow  for each year plus 'one to grow on'.

It has been a while since I have been spanked and my buttocks were particularly tender. The nipple clamps kept rubbing against the bed with each blow and my cheeks clamped together with each blow which made the plug hurt much much more. MT also kept tugging at the strings of the nipple clamps as she went, I believe she had them in her teeth at one point. As is MT's birthday custom I had to count the blows and thank her for each one. She wallops the hell out of me with that thing and I pleaded and kicked and shrieked. I am told it was highly entertaining.

When she removed the plug  I (stupidly) felt relief -ha! You'd think I would have learned better by now wouldn't you? The next thing I know a fucking big hard red dildo was being rammed up my poor arse and I was babbling and pleading. Unfortunately my arse clamped shut. I wasn't doing it on purpose, it was an involuntary reaction. MT finds this both amusing and sees it as disobeience, so for a while she crooned at me about this. It may sound sweet but it's more like a cat playing with a mouse. She said "oh baby, do you really think if I decide this is going in your arse you can stop me. Keep whimpernig though, it's sweet - even if it is futile" and on the word 'futile' she slammed the thing mercilessly up my arse. I screamed as I bucked forward yanking the nipple clamps as I went.

She then mercilessly rammed me for what felt like forever, yanking on the strings of the nipple clamps as she went. Groan. 

She evenually finished, replaced the  njoy and I was forced onto my back. MT then proceeded to whip my clamped nipples, my cock, balls, thighs, chest, and stomach with what she termed 'a sharp flogger'. I have never seen this item before. To say it was painful would be far too much of an understatement.  She was landing the blows very fast, using her skill to weave between her various targets, so I was jumping around all over the place, pleading and shrieking and begging. She also used the clamps on my cock and balls at one point. It was excruciatingly  painful. When she took the clamps off it was unbearable.

I thought 'my celebrations' were finished and started to breathe a little easier.....until MT ordered me to go and fetch the strap-on. I was then forcefully fucked on my side while MT had several very energetic orgasms. She finished off my flipping me on my stomach and riding me until she finished, before bounding up to dash off to where she wanted to be.

I was then left recovering in the bedroom and told to have her tea ready when she got back - happy birthday to me!

Tonight she is cooking me a special meal, which is really lovely of her, then we will watch a movie together. I am very bruised and sore in too many places to count.

I said to her as she was getting up that she never looks happier than when she's being sadistic. She glows and laughs and claps and has this look of pure glee. At least I know I provide good service by being her victim property ;)

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

O/p and Kink

We are both getting a bit better but it is happening far slower than both of us would like, but it is good that we are hopefully en-route to being better. It is a good job our relationship is based on so much more than just kink.

As many know, an O/p relationship is not based on kink (pity in some ways) but like most things, life comes along and puts things in the way sometimes. So when for example we are unwell, there is not much active kink going on, but the power exchange is ever present. I find this comforting as it means there is a firm and solid foundation to our relationship.

I think that in many new relationships there is what is referred to as 'the honeymoon period'. For some people this may never actually end, but for the vast majority there is often some 'cooling' of desire and I think this is perfectly normal. How much it cools and how quickly will obviously vary with individuals. I personally feel that if a couples primary attraction was kink that in time this may unearth some issues for either one or both parties.

Life also throws us other people to consider, such as others living in the household, especially children. There is for many of us, the 'right time and right place'  to practise our more active elements of our relationships.I would never want anyone to hear my shrieks and cries for mercy, for my benefit as well as for theirs.

Illness and age are two other factors, I like to think I am still very sexually active but in all honesty I am not as active as I was when I was younger and I dare say in another 20 years my 'activity' might be non existent, if I am still alive that is.

So for me, the fact our O/p is not based on kink (although we both adore it) is a very positive thing because there is so much else to enjoy (endure) in an O/p relationship. It also means if 'kink' is out for one reason or another we still have a relationship.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012


Well it has been a while since I last blogged. To be honest, I have just not really been up to it. The medications I have been on have had some adverse effects, one has caused depression and the other stomach problems.

The one that has caused depression is the one that should be making me more relaxed ! They have said stay on it for another month and if the depression persists we will change the drug.

The other one was for my knee, as it can cause ulcers and I have a history of stomach ulcers, they have taken me off it and just told me to take pain killers. Unfortunately, my knee is getting worse now that I am not on the anti inflammatory....just can't win atm.

MT has been unwell as well, she is a little better, but far from being well. Work has been wet and cold recently and a little quiet, I have been glad of the less frantic workload but it does not do much for the bank balance.

We have been quite inactive all round really, just one of those periods when some things fall into the background. MT has been taking it easy on me physically. I have still been fortunate enough to have been allowed to pleasure her though, so that has been good.

Hopefully we will both feel better soon, 2012 has not started too hoping for a better rest of the year. Of course things could be a lot worse so there is reason to be thankful. One of my lovely customers passed away 10 days ago, I will really miss her she was such a pleasure to know. Several more are in serious decline, it is so sad to see them moving towards the end of this life.

Monday, 9 January 2012


Neither of us have been very well recently. MT's is flaring with her RA and mine has been severe stomach pains. It would appear my problem was caused by one of the drugs the doctor prescribed, so I have now been taken off of it.

I am feeling better now but I am still feeling generally unwell, but I was allowed a short ride out on the bike today which was fantastic. It really cheers me up when I get a ride.

I did, however, wince a bit when I went over the bumps due to the bruising on my cheeks where MT bit me the other day. She is such a 'trooper' she still musters enough energy to cause me some pain.